Friday, November 10, 2017

ABCInc at

Notes, on establishing a seller account on

I'm opening the door to create passive income. It feels like a steep learning curve, but fortunately YouTube offers lots of tutorial videos.

I currently own only one corporation (A Better Computer, Inc.), and I've registered ABCInc as a fictitious name in the state of Florida.

I created my Amazon Pro reseller account as ABCInc because I expect to sell merchandise other than computer-related products.

I expect to follow two business models:

  • Arbitrage - This is where I purchase products on the cheap, then mark them up.
  • Private Label - This is where I source a product and put my own name on the box (Hence DBA ABCInc)
    • I've signed up for JungleScout's web app to help me research niche markets on Amazon.
      • I've created an Alibaba account to source private label products from China. 
    • I'm exploring my own brand of coffee 😎 because this is something I can market in a relatively short time.

To be continued....

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